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Its amazing BUT

They make you pay real money for different skateparks and buying a board with ingame currency is impossible

The game is simply amazing

I love this game

Fix bugs!!!!!!!

This game is very fun but just recently there has been so many bugs and glitches. PLEASE FIX

Just one thing

I know this is just a phone game but as a skater it would be amazing if there was a physics change option or something because in this game you Ollie like five feet off the ground so maybe if possible make a change in physics and it should be an option because I know all people wont like this

What the heck?!?

I just spent a dollar on the dark star pack 2 and when I reading it, it says that I wont have to spend any true credits to change the deck but when I go to the customization deck section it says I need to pay 10000 true credits to change it. Am I doing it wrong or did I just get ripped off

Good game

I bought all the maps and was hoping for there to be a downtown la one that could be added that might be free also add stalls to the game;)

In-app purchases???

I paid $1.99 for a game that requires you to pay $.99 or $1.99 for each additional skate park and pay for missions. We already paid $1.99 so why make us pay for everything else? Its a decent game but if I knew this I would not have gotten it.

The best skating app

All I see is people complaining about purchasing maps. Nothing in life is free, the developers need to profit too #brokeboys


why make people pay two bucks for this piece of sh**

Pretty Good... But stances for tricks need to be reconfigured.

There are some pretty good features about the game. Decks, Colours, Customization, Parks, Realism (sort of), and all that good stuff. Issues: I had some major confusion with the stances with the tricks since when Im regular stanced (left footed dominant) and it also applies to goofy stance too but right footed. It seems my kickflips are swapped with heelfips and so every time I ollie then flip the board by swiping right I would heelflip?! And for heelflips (ollie, then swipe left to flip) apparently its a kickflip. So, I believe I was riding regular mongo in this game or some weird goofy regular switch stance. Because I dont kickflip with my heel or heelflip with my toes. Please fix it. Suggestions: It would be great if you guys added a feature that would let us buy parks with TC POINTS. Also, the camera angle changer button at the top menu interferres with the gameplay, Occasionally on accident press the camera adjust button and its very annoying. So please put the feature somewhere else like the options menu. I have lots of fun and I enjoy playing this game overall.

Best Skateboarding game EVER‼️

If you like skateboarding games this game is for you. Im 10 years old Im turning 11 on May 19, and I love skateboarding! If you love skateboarding to this game is for you!

Touchgrind 2

Touch grind 2 is honestly better but this game is pretty well made

Great game but the company is desperate for money.

This game is really good although they are really desperate for money. In order to have immense fun you have to buy things.

Kinda fun

Its fun butt I have version that has 1 map can someone please tell me how to update cus right now it feels like a waste of my money

Love it

Please keep updating, make more free maps and just be creative. Thank you so much for the game, the price was totally worth it


The game is boring and too difficult. The mechanics are off and the controls make the game too hard to play. Touch grind skate is much more fun and worth the money. Dont waste your time on this game.

The Best Skate App

I skate and fingerboard and this is the perfect app for both. If you are injured or just want to play this is the perfect game.

Good but want more maps

Great game but really needs more maps, the one you have right now is really getting boring. It would be interesting to see a bmx version of this game!

More free Skate Parks

Its a good game, great graphics. But only one Skate Park is free . Please free more skateparks ...

I like this game

This game is totally worth it

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