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No sound

No sound with iPad mini 2 (iOS 9.3.2). Only one skatepark...


The whole game is perfect,except that new grab mode,its really annoying sometimes when catching a trick,thats why I think you should put an on/off button for grabs just like you did for the spin cam✌️


Muito realista!!!


More could lower the price of shapes and trucks and truecredits and Im playing a lot to buy them


Muito top

Muito show



Perfect game.. i love playing it all day, but the only thing you could increment is the backside and frontside grinds or slides...


The game was really good .but not anymore please change the gameplay back to the old now its so boring !!!!!

Best update so far

You guys at true axis did an amazing job with this update! Adding love park was an awesome idea! Ive wanted an actual skate spot for a while. And adding grabs and being able to switch stances just made the game more realistic! Props to you guys

not worth the money

I got the game when it was free. I use to play it, but now, Im sick of the 1 map you get. the only reason I would pay money for the game was if you got all of the maps.

I got this game for free

When i got this i had 0.00$ when i clicked it and i got it somehow :I

Dont buy

Its dumb cuz u pay money so you can have a demo there is so much other content and there is not enough content with the main game

Love it

With my iPod 4 I had all the maps and all the skateboard customs. Its the best skateboarding game Ive ever played and its so realistic. I now have a phone and I cant get my content back.

So bad

I got so frustrated I threw my phone and my charger broke cause I was playing and charging my phone at the same time. I DEMAND a refund

Awesome Skateboard game

I love this game just get it so the people will update more

Ok but..

This game is ok but when you download new skate boards it takes your money and doesnt give you the skate board

Easy tricks

This is a fun game

True skate took everything

Fun game but, they took away all of my 6 boards and all my wheels and everything are gone. Thanks a lot true skate.

Really good

But its a little pricey for different skateparks and I would rate this five stars but they expect to much money

Wasted tc

The creature boards are very very dark in colour i can barely see the graphic

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