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Love the game By The Way

Im the 1 comment here

Good game

This game is fun you should try it

Fun but flawed

Very fun game. Worth every cent, but I spent $1.99 on a six pack of skateparks but it wont download


I bought 2 deck packs and cant access them, neither can I restore my purchase. What a waste of money!

Fun game wasted money though on new maps

Any creativity at all making these maps? I mean some are great but most are weak an could be way better I feel like my 12 year old cousin would make a better skate park with better ramps an rails I mean honestly fun game but not so fun parks


You buy a game for 2 dollars which isnt much but you only get 1 map which after a while gets boring and every other thing costs another dollar and every update just contains guess what another in app purchase map. Cant you make it so that to get a map u have to complete an achievement and if its to hard then u can buy it. It would make us feel as if u are able to actually accomplish something in this game.


This game looked like fun and I usually dont spend money on apps but I was willing to spend for a good skate game. I downloaded it to find that it still relied on microtransactions even after I bought the app. This is very low balled and usually app makers know to not to do this. You have to pay around five dollars if you want any more skateboards or skateparks and the original park they give you is very small and boring.


This app only gives you one map and i cant even get a refund

Online ride with friends

Please make a online mode so you can play online please thank you

Good, but...

Its a great game, dont get me wrong, but it is just money hungry!

The Big One Problem

This Game Is Awesome, At first I thought that this game will not be good, But it is, One Problem, YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR EVERYTHING. Sorry for my Wrath, but 1$ for unlimited slow motion, Map Combos, And even The TC are expensive for us to pay, Plz Fix this problem. Im Begging Plz Plz Plz


I paid for this app and I have to pay again for more features?


It is half way decent but half way decent is not wort 1.99!! If I wanted a half way decent game I can get thousands of them for free!!! Dont waste your time and money!!

True skate is great

This is the best skate game u can get i promise and u can buy slow mow for 99 cent to hipe the fun ive always said i wourd pay 10 dollars to have a editor mode where u can record then put the camera to where ever u want


This is a really great game but I have spent over $10.00 in skateparks and cant get my money back please give me my money

Great game but..

I love this game and play it everyday, my favorite trick is he dragon flip (360 dolphin flip) but it usually confuses the dragon flip with a 360 hard flip please fix this. And why are there no quintuple flips. Ive landed a couple and I go to replay and he board flips 5 times but it says quad flip.

I love it

I have spent too much of my life playing this game

Micro transactions

So. Many. Micro transactions. There is one map and thats all 1/10 would not recommend


This games is not fun at all. It is super hard to control, it only gives you one map, everything on the one map they give you is super close together. DO NOT GRT THIS APP


Typical bait & switch! I paid $2 for this app expecting it to be good, but you only get one skatepark & one board to play with. So eventually this becomes extremely boring! You gotta pay like $20 to unlock everything. I want my money back

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