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Awesom but...

This game is awesome I love the maps and all but you basically have to pay for everything and the boards cost so much tc so why dont you guys fix that maybe you can have some maps free and some to pay and your boards should be less tc I hope u understand me

This game is the best

Because you can do a hole bunch of tricks

LOVED IT!!!!!!!



Please will you Add them but it is still a great game keep it up

I come bearing gifts

True Skate is probably the best skating game on mobile, but a big issue Is the maps. Each new map costs $1 or $2. I have 2 tips for players: After doing and Ollie do another as soon as the board hits the ground to go higher. And the second is when you run out of slow motion just view your replay and your slow motion will refill.

Very simply...

This game isnt worth being free let alone $1.99


I want a refund. This game is horrible because you purchase the game for $1.99 and then to get more maps and boards and other crap, you have to pay another $0.99! Im very disappointed, and want my money back.

Please fix this problem!!!

I love this app but can u PLZ fix the problem of how the "15 seconds to score" mission doesnt show up on my "all missions" list on my iPhone in the default skatepark but its leaderboard DOES! I want to do it so plz fix this glitch soon its been happening since I got this game of my iPhone in November 2016

I like this game

This game is totally worth it

More free Skate Parks

Its a good game, great graphics. But only one Skate Park is free . Please free more skateparks ...

Good but want more maps

Great game but really needs more maps, the one you have right now is really getting boring. It would be interesting to see a bmx version of this game!

The Best Skate App

I skate and fingerboard and this is the perfect app for both. If you are injured or just want to play this is the perfect game.


The game is boring and too difficult. The mechanics are off and the controls make the game too hard to play. Touch grind skate is much more fun and worth the money. Dont waste your time on this game.

Love it

Please keep updating, make more free maps and just be creative. Thank you so much for the game, the price was totally worth it

Kinda fun

Its fun butt I have version that has 1 map can someone please tell me how to update cus right now it feels like a waste of my money

Great game but the company is desperate for money.

This game is really good although they are really desperate for money. In order to have immense fun you have to buy things.

Touchgrind 2

Touch grind 2 is honestly better but this game is pretty well made


why make people pay two bucks for this piece of sh**

The best skating app

All I see is people complaining about purchasing maps. Nothing in life is free, the developers need to profit too #brokeboys

In-app purchases???

I paid $1.99 for a game that requires you to pay $.99 or $1.99 for each additional skate park and pay for missions. We already paid $1.99 so why make us pay for everything else? Its a decent game but if I knew this I would not have gotten it.

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