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What the heck?!?

I just spent a dollar on the dark star pack 2 and when I reading it, it says that I wont have to spend any true credits to change the deck but when I go to the customization deck section it says I need to pay 10000 true credits to change it. Am I doing it wrong or did I just get ripped off

Just one thing

I know this is just a phone game but as a skater it would be amazing if there was a physics change option or something because in this game you Ollie like five feet off the ground so maybe if possible make a change in physics and it should be an option because I know all people wont like this

Fix bugs!!!!!!!

This game is very fun but just recently there has been so many bugs and glitches. PLEASE FIX

The game is simply amazing

I love this game

Its amazing BUT

They make you pay real money for different skateparks and buying a board with ingame currency is impossible

Coool mais

J aime grave ce jeu mais si y a vais comme se je mais en trottinette freestyle ça serait trop oufff

Fantastic !!!

Just my favorite game of the App Store :-) Great feelings in the gameplay, endless of hours sk8ting around ! Highly recommended ^_^

Best skate game

Its the best skate game ever

Muito ⚡️SHOW⚡️

Bastante legal!!!


Mto bom tá grátis


Please do true scooter

Theres only one mistake

I really think the app is pretty good,but you should let us share our video with whatsapp,download the video and all that stuff

Too much bugs

To much bugs for example I cant restore my purchases.

Still token-bug /best skate game for mobile phones

Token bug wasnt fixed as promised .. Made some missions and started with 6000 ... At least I recognized that I was back at 2000 and I didnt buy anything ... BUT, this is the best skate game ever tho !

Great game

The game is my favourite game on my phone but I wish you could get different colour of trucks and brand name tricks

Clip saving

U guys should add an option were u can save ur clips from true skate to the camera roll so u can share it to facebook or instagram not just the video sharing app installed to true skate

What the baby fetus man

Why do I have to pay to get maps this is straight up gay could you at least give us 1 free skateboard of your pick and a 1 free map of your pick? Do you really need to pay 1.29$ to get a map that so ghetto its Christmas tomorrow and Id like for you to please give us 1 skateboard of your choosing and 1 map of your choosing :/


I like this Game but it was very beautiful when a Multiplayer Modus there is.

Dope af

Its awesome game once u lern to play it goochi:))) reccomend downlod

Good game

A amazing game but says I have insufficient funds when I try to buy maps even though I have lots of money on the App Store

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