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skatepark creation

For a lot of people me included, this game is portable skate 3. I play it everyday it would be awesome to be able to build your own parks skate 3 style, and be able to share and download user-created parks

Best thing since the skate series.

Love this game, just wish the maps were cheaper depending on what they were. The mega ramp is not worth the price in comparison to the other maps, and the street league ones are so far the best due to their realism. Wish there were some new maps though.

Great game

Really fun game once you get the hang of it, definitely need to spend a few dollars and get more parks though (Valley, Inbound, Double Infinity, Schoolyard), it would be cool if they added a "build your own park" feature for a few dollars, would add a lot to the game.

Buying stuff problem

When ever I buy something I can use it for a while then it disappears and skateboards are so expensive so please fix this problem/bug


This game wont save anything you buy including the maps i lost all my progress and i lost every board i bought multiple times.. Dont waste your $ on this game its terrible

Great game but....

I lost all my data with the new update. I spent 20 dollars on that game an now I have nothing. I cant restore purchases and it took me to the tutorial when I opened up the app. I want my money back!!!!

Awesome game!

Great game, cant stop playing . More levels please


Its needs more street spots

U rekt the game

Thx for wrecking glitch mode


Something is up with the moving, I cant control where I go


My board dont want to turn im angry


The shred is not cool

I dislike the game now!!

Makes me mad the you guys wrecked glitch mode, game is boring now.

Fix glitch mode

This sliding feature is garbage

You completely ruined the game

So I just learned about the boardslide speed glitch and was enjoying myself on mondo ramp with going extremely far and then one day I couldnt do it anymore. You ruined the game and made it no fun to play.

Great game

I love the game but it would be cool if you could change the colour of the trucks and hardware

Glitch mode fixed!

Yaaaaay my games back to normal!

Boss game

You should make some of the maps free awesome game

Awesome game

Its fun and all but I wish they gave you 2 maps for free instead of just one.

I like it but!

I love this game but, i want you to make a true scoot with a scooter for the scooter riders!

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