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Please fix glitch mode everyone liked it and this update messed it all up! I have spent real money on this game and it has gone to crap.

Took my .99 cents

I bought a park and now its gone. Wasted my money dog.

Luv the skateparks hate the streat league maps

I love when you guys make the street maps like the new one the alley so keep making those maps and Ill keep buying them but love this game had it for a good two years and never get sick of it

i love it but..

What happened to the ollie/nollie sensitivity? every single time i try to manual or nose manual, it pops my board up even with sensitivity turned way down. what is this....

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee helppppp

I tried in app purchases for a new map but it says error

Great game, but...

Add the berrics please!

Lost my stuff

With the update I lost my deck and all the credits along with it. Fix this please. Thats so crappy for people that actually bought their decks such as myself.

I lost all my stuff after this update

After the update my deck was deleted.

So far so good.

First off, this game is possibly the best skateboarding game in the app store no doubt. Its full of skateparks more then you would expect however youre going to have purchase them but that isnt a problem for me because its normally worth it. The loose skateboard mechanics allows you to hit any skate trick that has ever been done and board selection is amazing along with the realistic graphic wear.

Best skate app

Ive played all the skate apps and this is by far the best. If you could just add some more real life parks and skate spots it would be even more fun and I would buy every new park you add because thats what I have been doing. Another idea is to add multiplayer where I can play with my friends. Great game

This game is boss and addicting!

This is the best and most realistic skate game ever. There is one little thing that can be improved tho. Maybe make the skater be able to go under the rails or objects that are not on the ground. That make the game even better!

Lost all my stuff!!

This app is amazing. But I spent a lot of TC and some of my own money on my board and after this update it was all erased. PLEASE FIX THIS

This app is trash

I was playing it for a while and next thing I know all of my boards are gone the ones I bought for MONEY its a good app but it just stole from me I tried to restore my purchases but it didnt all it did was just click. This update just brought trouble for me

I hate it

I dont like it because its to hard to control and you have to use your money instead of using your points to get others levels


Love this game been playing since the first park was it. It would be really cool if you guys could do the Berrics or Woodward

Love it

Great game especially with all of the parks but what it needs is an extra Megaramp park. Like the one from X Games 2015 big air. That would be pretty cool I know it already has the mondo ramp but that one isnt cool enough. Anyway, keep up the good work!! :D

stickers ruin the native skateparks

This is by far the best and most realistic skate simulation app, and I play it all the time, but the garish True Skate/Diamond stickers that have been slapped all over the native skateparks ruin it for me -- especially since they have been added to parks that I paid for, which originally didnt have those stickers. For this reason alone, I will stick with version 1.3.18 (the last version without the stickers), until the stickers are removed, or made removable via an option (Id even settle for a one-time in-app purchase to remove them). Just make them disappear!

Skate decks

I purchased the the dark star bundle as well as the enjoi deck bundle and doesnt allow me to pick any dark star deck with out having to purchase again other then that this game is awesome

A Godsend

Ever since I stopped skating, there has been a skateboard shaped hole in my life. With the introduction of realistic mode, this app has pretty much filled that hole. This is the only skateboarding app that matters. But despite being the best, its not quite perfect. Ill explain. THE GOOD: -Accurate trick detection -Intuitive and satisfying controls that mimic skating well. -Difficulty. Having tricks be hard to pull off makes them that much more satisfying. -Well designed parks (for the most part) -Slo-mo and rotational features. -Easy to use session markers. THE BAD: -Too many micro transactions. I get that true axis needs to keep making money if theyre gonna continually support this app, but they really should throw their fans a bone once in a while. I think that at least some of the Street League parks should be free, being that theyre sponsored in the first place. -Not much of a street element. There are places based on street spots but they are very arcadey. It would be nice to have an open area thats dense with spots but still based strongly in reality, like in EA Skate. -Not much board customization. -Hard to catch speed. This is more true of realistic mode. There should be some kind of pumping mechanic so that speed isnt lost on tranny obstacles. It would also be cool if there were an option to have shoes on the board that preformed that tricks as you flicked them. Overall, if you like skateboarding, this is the app for you.


sometimes you cant turn, oh well also its pretty fun to do with friends or family!!!!! ❤️

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